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Big Trade Data & Global Business Intelligence System

Global leading intelligent search and analysis system of foreign trade big data is developed by BTD using big data, AI and BI technology, including nine sub-products:

  • GTD

  • GTS

  • GLD

  • CGT

  • BBdata

  • CKS

  • MMS

  • YMB

  • CCR


Foreign trade software → BTD1.0 → BTD2.0 → BTD3.0 → BTD4.0 → BTD5.0
Internet + foreign trade + big data + cloud computing + AI+ BI
We never give up to achieve innovation and excellence!

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Statistical data of more than 220 countries and areas
Multi-dimensional intelligent analysis of global economy
Generate statements automatically using AI technology

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Use customer tags to reach the optimum target population according to different marketing scenes
which can not only save manpower but also elevate the conversion rates.

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Multi-dimensional analysis of the company‘s trade details
Know yourselves and your counterparts better!

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Enterprises’ credit information, business information, financial information and foreign trade information
Intelligent analysis of global business

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Find out the information of company’s KPs such as their positions, names, mailboxes and so on

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Use maps with real-life views to see the company’s surroundings and analyze its scale and strength

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Active marketing software and SaaS platform

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Overseas enterprise’s credit survey reports help customers to prevent and control trade risks.

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As is known to us all, every customer has specific demand.   We can provide better products, service and solutions
which can be applied to your industries according to our industry market experience.

  • Exporters
  • Importers
  • Logistics Companies
  • MNC
  • Scientific Institutions
  • Financial Institutions
  • CBEC


With more than 80 million incremental enterprises, we can find buyers rapidly and accurately. Additionally, we can contact companies directly in the global trade target market.


With more than 80 million incremental enterprises, we can find suppliers rapidly and accurately. Additionally, we can contact companies directly in the global trade target market.

Logistics Companies

We can know the basic information about target customers and obtain more unknown markets.

Multinational Corporations

Project background: This transnational corporation aims to invest and build plants in one or several countries in the BRICS and produce and sell chemical products. It plans to implement a project research...

Scientific Institutions

Project background: BTD provides a deep analysis of global auto industry within five years for the college research institute...

Financial Institutions

We can transfer user’s risks and rate their credit objectively through “finance+ big data+ companies’ information+ companies’ credit report”, improving the power of big data and performance.

Cross-Border E-Commerce

BTD provides an analysis report of overseas trade companies for a cross-border e-commerce enterprise to help it research their trade activities.

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BTD Profile

BTD, headquartered in FFC of Beijing CBD core zone, was established in Beijing, China in July, 2004 by overseas returnees. Recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise, Gazelle Enterprise, Technical "Little Giant" Enterprise, Double Soft Certification Enterprise and China Sci-Tech Innovation Advanced Enterprise, it offers intelligent global trade system and it is the pioneer which applies big data technology to the international trade field...

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Turkey Trade Data

BTD System


  • Software Enterprise Certificate

  • Software Product Certificate

  • Sci-Tech Innovation Achievement

  • Sci-Tech Innovation Advanced Enterprise

  • Gazelle Enterprise

  • High-Tech Enterprise

  • Technical Giant Enterprise


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